no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

Thinks Libra is a little too romantic but decides it's not a big problem.

Hearing "I love you" come out of someone's mouth for the first time generally makes me want to scream, kick the wall, break things on the floor. Because I am always sure they're going to change their mind and Leave. Often ppl do just that but not when you're all primed for it, screaming and yelling. They wait a couple months and when you're just starting to relax and get comfortable with the whole idea, they spring it on you. "Woopsie, made a mistake there! So sorree!" And maybe go on to blame the whole change of mind on you, et cetera.

I won't even start on the people who pull the "I love you" to shut you up when you're legitimately pissed at 'em abt something. BABY BABY BABY PLEASE BABY OH BABY.

a-holes 1 and All...

So I guess it isn't surprising that I end up around ppl who don't say "I love you" very much. Some of them are jerks but some of them are just distracted or think Some things just seem understood or even are afraid of how I might react after seeing me blow up in a fit of rage over them saying that, or similar, at the wrong, wrong, wrong time.

Me wuv u wrong time, wrong time. Haha.

It's too bad that it's ppl like me who need to be told love the most, or better yet shown. The best I can do is find other ppl who seem to have same issues as me. And tell them. So they can go "Yeah Right, you love me, now piss off," or just not say anything. I don't usually mind either response, but I hope to hell I'm not genuinely annoying them.
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