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Freaky deaky.

There are people on one of my other boreds saying that they don't have a MySpaz because of the Public Perception that MySpaz is a place for Sexual Predation and Deviant Lifestyles.

Well, yeah, what place Isn't these days?

And who isn't Deviant these days? Hell, even suit and tie Repubicans are running around boffing Jessica Cutler and Congressional pages and wimmen who write lesbian potboilers. And Rush Limbaugh's a druggie.

Then again, what would I know? I spend all day talking to polys, and dudes who wear skirts, and gay guys with sex jokes all over their webpages, and former groupies of British bands, and death penalty lawyers with dark senses of humor who used to bang cops' wives, and priests (let's not get into their "public perception" these days, sadly enuf), and elves, and metalheads, and art students who photograph swingers for their senior projects, and my mother who spent the Eisenhower era in San Francisco. Yet, aside from the fact that I like to swear and wear biker jewelry, I am boringly, Wonderbreadedly dull. I have had only one husband and the same one for years, I pay my taxes, I look good in a suit, and I believe in Jesus. I guess what makes me Deviant is that I think everybody I know is pretty damn normal human, regardless. Uh, because actually, they Are.
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