no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

Super Settler Christmas.

Well, speak of the devil. Here's an extremely insular DtS Xmas video that somebody made. G Lynn is in it wearing the Major League Drinking T-shirt I done sold him. Tim O'Malley is in it too. And one of those, uh, People named Captain. And good ol' Rusty. And my pal Friendstealer Larry as Donnie Darko. And Bob's compadres RichT who just sold me a (Rich)T-shirt, and The Heed, and Tony C, who I used to talk to sometimes but who departed the boredz rather abruptly a few months ago after an incident reportedly involving alcohol, someone else's underage gf and a knife. And near the end there is that kid in the bunny suit from "A Christmas Story", that movie wot was set in Cleveland. Now given that I am the board's resident Bunny from Cleveland, and that this has been my usericon for nearly a year

you can see where that made me smile quite a bit, whether it was intended or not... :P

anyway this falls under the heading of "Nobody on here is prolly gonna get this but me" but it's catchy and you can dance to it so here ya go.

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