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Droves of Dravens Drumming.

There are many things I have been wanting to post about on here, and one of them is my desire to See and/or Read and/or Both, The Crow. I usually get some urge around Xmastime to sit around drinking coffee, or Coffee with Booze In It better yet, and read Classic Graphic Novels (as opposed to Anime Manga Crap of the Week. Most of that bigeyed stuff is just bleh to me).
I have been aware of The Crow for many years of course (I got the Fantagraphics catalog with all the Kitchen Sink Press stuff innit, Back In The Day), but never got around to reading or seeing it. Partly it's because I have a long Never Got A Round Tuit list anyway, but also the subject matter at the beginning, where the protagonist and his fiancee get brutally killed, was a bit heavy for me. I have the same reaction to some other movies - Robocop and some of the Eastwood pictures.

It weirds me out to feel this way about certain works because I have read dozens, probably hundreds, of true crime books full of gory everything and all of it true, and of all those books maybe 1-2 fazed me in the least. I logically understand that the crimes are awful but I don't get emotionally involved with them. I do not know why I have a big sympathetic response only once in a while. Maybe on some level I relate more to certain situations than others. I remember seeing The Accused with Jodie Foster and, politically incorrect as it may be to say, I didn't feel a damn thing.

However, for whatever reason, The Crow does disturb me. The fact that Brandon Lee got killed making the movie just makes it worse. PLus there's the whole issue I have with why the Guy alone gets to come back and do the Avenging. Can't the chick do it herself? Or at least do half of it? I don't like seeing women presented as the classic weak victims that the male heroes Save or Avenge. But I want to read/see it anyway.

Please don't laugh (or at least not real loud) but I have always had this deep latent desire to be more Goth. It seemed to be a viable coping mechanism on some levels. But I never had anyone to point the way. I used to just sit around listening to "From Across This Gray Land" comps and wish I could somehow pick it up by osmosis. Ok Ok, go ahead and laugh now, don't hold back on my account. Who knows, maybe before I die (Or beyond the Grave even) some Good Goth will fall in love with me and teach me everything I need to know.
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