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1. I love Chick-fil-A fries so much I don't even mind that the place is run by fundies who don't stay open past 10 pm.
2. If you got married or had a kid before you were 25 I probably think you're a weirdo.
3. If you get drunk at a social gathering more than 5 times a year I probably think you're revolting, unless you're in a super heavy duty skewel program, in which case I fully understand as long as you're not flunking out.
4. The only "super heavy duty skewel programs" are (1) engg school, (2) med school, (3) law school (at least in the top and bottom quartiles), (4) military training and (5) B-school only if it's trying to come up in the rankings by forcing two semesters' worth of work into one quarter. If you're studying anything outside those categories, don't make me laugh.
5. I have two wrinkles above my nose and Richard Nixon only had one.
6. I suspect Hostess of switching its cupcake formula on the sly and wish there was a FOIA request to find out for sure.
7. No matter how many times I wash my hair using about half a bottle of expensive shampoo, it still manages to feel dirty again within 8 hours.
8. I never learned how to hang by my knees.
9. My personal Mason-Dixon line stops at the southern boundary of Cuyahoga County.
10. I think it would have been really funny if the Carpenters covered "If I Was a Carpenter."
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