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And by turning, turning we come right round like a record baby right right round round

As I said a few days ago, I was thinking about posting this long list of Stuff I Am Truly Thankful For This Year. I decided not to do that. Although I "talk" a little bit more than I used to, it's still hard for me to speak openly about things that are that emo and Important to me. Don't wanna jinx anything, and the world does not need to know (or be messin' in or dissin') a lot of my life, including the petty "I-give-thanks-that-you're-gone" side as well as the Good stuff. Thanks be thanks, mofos, and them wot get me, get it.

So instead I'll just say that I am Truly thankful for lots of People and Stuff. I am also thankful this compy has an "off" button. Now I'm gonna go make a pie.
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