no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

Your Inner Rodent.

Robyn Hitchcock's songs sometimes run a little bit long for me, but it was worth going just to hear him do a monologue, while tuning, about rousing your Inner Rodent, be that a guinea pig, gerbil, hamster, or mice, or an owl, or a mummified owl that had been trapped behind the plaster walls of your innards and burst forth puking up seven baby mice, and then the rodent the next morning squeaks and goes "Feed Me" (Robyn makes hilarious face here of rodent squeaking) so you have to get it a partner. Oh and I got to hear "Madonna of the Wasps" too. If there's one song that pretty much sums up my (pretty bleak) mood for the entire late 80s, it's "Madonna of the Wasps". I suspect a few other people felt the same way because afterwards somebody yelled "Thank you" and the applause stopped the show for about two minutes.

Robyn also recited the entire plot of "Magnum Force", which was not quite as much fun as last time I saw him and he recited the lyrics to "Bike" over Stevie Wonder, or Stevie Wonder lyrics to the tune of "Bike", or something like that, but hey he has the coolest floppy hair I've ever seen on a white-haired 50-year-old-or-thereabouts dude and y'all know how much I dig Dudes Wit' Da Hair so it's alllllll goood.

Also, as I was telling d earlier, I enjoy looking at hella cool Peter Buck a lot more without Michael Stipe in my face.

I just wish I could have figured out which one of the bozos around me was wafting the faint aroma of barf. Trying to suss the direction of the smell was bothering me all night long.
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