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In Which The Show Got Cancelled, So I Did My Homework.

Since Uncle Fading Captain decided to call off tonight's festivities, and I'd already planned to blow off the evening from work, I went to my makeup class instead and ACTUALLY FINISHED A PIECE. whoo hoo that hasn't happened since...march? maybe, knock on particle board, my Bad Luck Streak in Jewelry School is ending. anyway, here it is...the pictures ain't the greatest tonight because i can't use natural light, it being dark out, but i just wanted to get them the hell up. a man with a woman inside. kinda trapped. guess where i got that idea? yeah, you know, shaddap. i took the pictures with it on because it's supposed to hang at an angle (the world being topsy-turvy as well as tangled) and that doesn't really show unless someone is wearing it.

man 1

another picture of it just against the blue without the t-shirt design interfering
man 2

wearing it backwards so you could see the wirework on the back
man 3 (back)

the counterenamel on the back (which fortunately doesn't show super well in the picture) is pretty bad as i (a) didn't use enough enamel so some burnt off at the edge and the piece curled slightly and (b) some chipped off at the neck while i was strugging with the prong set. the good news is because i used black enamel and the metal burns black, this doesn't show unless you look really close. plus it's on the back. however i hope to do better and not go burning off edges on the next piece.

i wore the thing all the way home tonight (a three-hour commute tonight, with a suitcase, a heavy brief bag, and a toolkit - i'm seriously wiped out from just getting my ass home, but tonight i just felt like sleeping in my own bed) and it didn't fall to pieces off my neck or any of that. i think this may be the first piece i've made that i've actually worn, not because i hate all my other pieces, but because i think some of them are a little fragile for wear and others i made more to play with than wear. i could have worn the atomic crash pendant but two of my multiples of that aren't finished yet, and the done one i would have given to d but he broke up that band, so it seems pretty moot given that his new band is now kicking serious ass and taking names.

i talked to the teacher tonight about finishing the two pieces i never got done in the spring due to "technical difficulties" (like f'ing rio grande forgetting to send my f'ing catalog until the f'ing class was almost over, and like me forgetting that heat transfer would pose problems as far as soldering gauge 22 or so wire to big fat gauge 10 or so). she said the independent study class that i wanted to take this past summer but missed getting into because i was distracted by mileshedgehog's wedding and my job will be offered again next summer. so maybe next summer will be my time to get some of this ruckus under control.

i'm not so useless, i'm not.
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