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Fun times through a lousy camera.

"The twins" together again. Seems like everybody's looking a little older and wiser (or wisenheimer) these days.

(p.s. A big flip o' the bird to Boatophuket, for uploading the wrong pictures from my PC four times till I gave up, and to Yahoo Photos, for deciding to roll out your new photo host right in the middle of me trying to upload, and to LiveJournal Scrapbook, for making your galleries almost impossible to navigate and creating photo posting scripts that eat my entire journal page forcing me to just post the damn things in manual HTML like I'd been doing for a million years anyway. USER FRIENDLY MY AUNT FANNY. )

(p.p.s. and yes, I know everybody and his mother uses now. i've been avoiding that place for reasons i don't care to go into.)
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