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Your Roving Reporter.

Well here I am watching Death Cab for Cutie. Two words: EE MOE. If ever a band sounded like Livejournal set to music, it's them. I'll grant that a couple songs have a good beat and I could dance to 'em if I didn't feel like sitting down and cleaning out my text messages on my cell. I can't figure out why all the clowns on the venue floor are standing through the whole show. YOU PAID FOR A SEAT, SIT IN IT! Save that standing up crud for the 9:30 and its anti-sitdown gestapo.

At least this "obstructed view" seat isn't obstructing jack but the light show, and I have a nice wall next to me and empty seats in front. I may just take up getting a seat here all the time. I do have a few twelve-year-old dudes on my right but they're here with their 'rents and thus have only slugged each other three or four times.

Ted Leo and the Pharmacists opened. He wasn't bad for a dude who once bounced a beer pitcher off Bobby Pollard's haid or whatever, but let's just say he ain't no J Mascis Kennedy.

This place must pay the ushers and bartenders shite wage. They always seem to be in a bad mood here. And, as I just got done bitching to Dannycia, you can't take a drink to your seat, and it aint even carpeted here!! Not that I feel like having a drink right now. What I really want is a large burger with onions and french fries, and a restroom, but since there are no burgers to be had here and a restroom would force me to crawl over Wally, Eddie Haskell and the Beaver here in the dark I'll just sit on it like a Fonzarelli.

Edited to add, the whole fam damily next to me apparently got bored or it's a skewel night or something, cuz they all got up and left. I have this whole row to myself now. Yes kids, a Near Sold Out Show and I'm in an empty eight-seat row!! RAWK. Maybe this band aint so bad after all, even though the piano track and guitar just went out of tune with each other SO bad that even my tin ears could hear it.
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