no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

The Giant Rabbits.

Today is my mom's 81st bday. Happy birthday, Mom! It's also the first anniversary of the day she almost died, and my cat Tabbitha did die, and I got this job. Looking back, I feel fortunate that we all survived the year. Except for the cat, but I am certain it was her choice to depart at that time. She was That Kind of a cat, and I miss her every day still; and if she had to go, it's a blessing she chose a time when we could spend time together, as I would have hated to lose her during one of my marathon stints at the office.

Hope you're happy in the kitty afterlife, Tablet dear, and I hope we are together again one day, and I miss you the most of all my Ded Kitties, and I know you're snorting "Hmpf! And that's as it Should Be! Because I am the KITTY QUEEN!"

I had a very nice dream just before I woke up. Sometimes, when you want something badly, but it ain't gonna happen in real, waking life, you get it, peace and piece, in a dream instead. And you keep it like a secret and hold it close to yer heart because it is Yours, and All You've Got, and in some ways perhaps Realer than the real world, where dreams don't come true and get taken out with the trash.

There were giant brown rabbits in the dream. But unlike "Night of the Lepus," they didn't attack anybody. They just played happily with people on suburban lawns.
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