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Something tells me it's all happenin' at the zoo.

Here's a little pondermint for y'all to chew on while you're waiting for me to get my chubby azz back here. Who besides me thinks barmaidblog is fake as a four-dollar bill? I swear it reads like a bad made-for-TV drama rather than anyone's actual life.

Or maybe I'm just reacting to the general wussiness of the last couple entries. I can just see "Jessica" stomping her leetle hi-heeled foot while she hollers, "I have a BOYFRIEND!!" Hey, didn't your momma teach you that if he's not 7 feet tall and armed and standing next to you, dudes like that don't give a damn?

Yeah, I'm insensitive. Also realistic. Then again I'm not trying to tell some romantic story that 250 commoners will cluck-cluck over.

Eyerolls to the heavens, aaaaaand out.
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