no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

Illin' like a Villain when I'm S'posed to be Billin', And Other Cochranesque Rhymez.

It's so much easier for some ppl to be lovey-dovey mooshy-gooshy from a distance. It keeps them from having to deal with the murky turds that float up when u know somebody too damn well. Love without closeness, kinda like Sex without commitment. Hey, these same ppl had a ton o' that too!! Surprize!! Not.

Eh, well you knew that.

Still got my bad cold. I went a couple years with almost no colds and now I've had 3 colds in 6 months, plus a bladder infection. Right when I'm trying to get all healthy too. I was thinking it was tha Big G punishing me for my sins and my Reservoir of Inner Rage. But He said NAW U FOO', it's those damn airports!!

The one thing cheering me up despite my achy breaky sinuses is that I'm actually using that 8th edition of "Supreme Court Practice" that I bought years ago in a fit of bravado after losing my first firm job, thinking I wasn't gonna let the bastids get me down. Of course I felt like a dip after it came for spending 200 bucks I didn't really have at that point on a book I figured would never get its spine fully cracked, and I hid it under a basket of show flyers for a while...I brought it in here just a few weeks ago so it could look purty (and collect dust) on the Barry Manilow would say, IT'S A MIRACLE.
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