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Ken Lay's Body Lies a' Mould'rin in the Graaaaave.

To be sure, I'm not a fan of what the dude did, and I have some strong doubts that he just sorta HAPPENED to keel over from an oh-so-convenient heart attack on vacay - not thinking conspiracy-theory here, more like "I Did It Myyyyyyyyyyyy Lay I mean Way" -

But I'm highly, HIGHLY amused by all the gabbling about Accountability and Responsibility for One's Actions and suchlike going on all over zee net. Uhm, Ken Lay didn't twist anybody's arm off to come work for his chicken outfit. He didn't enslave people and steal their life savings. Rather, people fell over each other voluntarily to sign up because the $ was good. Responsibility for One's Actions also means YOU take Responsibility for Wha'Appens to YOU When the Joint YOU Work For Turns Out to Be a Crock For Wotever Reason. I am not excluding myself from that lot, and I picked at least one crock to work for in my lifetime too, and paid the piper. I am sorry ppl lost their whole retirement funds, but who puts their whole retirement egg stash into a basket run by one company, in this day and age? That place could have gone bust for umpty bazillion reasons even if it was run by Cannot-tell-a-Lie George Washington and Honest Abe Lincoln.

I bet if half those employees had thought with their head instead of with their wallet bone, they would have seen it was Too Good 2B True, Too. P.T. Barnum was right.
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