no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

All Punks (Po)Go To Heaven.

Hey baby, (it's the Fourth of July-y,)
Well you know I sent Nita that picture Tina took and she put it in a 'zine for lots of ppl to look at. I figure you'd like that because I know you loved Nita and Tina even if it wasn't the Oh-you've-got-green-eyes/gray-eyes/blue-eyes kind of love (or maybe it was, i have no idea and it's not been my business for eons). Also I wanted to say that I understand better now why someone might want, on some level, to just blow something up because to deal with having it change is too painful, too worrisome. I get it now cuz i did that myself a few years back and i do miss the person now that i'm done throwing up every time i get reminded of 'em. it will probably take me the rest of the decade to get over entirely, but i'd do it all again the exact same way. i bet you would too. i don't forgive you for it but i just wanted to say it's okay.

"It's Okay - I understand - This ain't no never-never-land"


(and can I say again you were so right about)
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