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In which I'd like to rant about David Kendall but I don' wanna hate on a playa.

I'd like to rant about a bunch of other stuff as well, but I am way, way too tired.

I forgot a smell off my Favorite Smells list. You know there used to be this Sears and Sawbucks off W. 117th and when you walked in, it had the entire nuts department (yes it had an Entire Nuts Department, that was back when Department stores actually had Departments of Appliances, Lawnmowers, Toys, Nuts rather than just rack after rack after rack of ugly wimmen's clothes that less affluent ppl spend way too much cash on) situated so the smell of hot nuts hit you right smack dab in the face as you walked in the door. It was the greatest smell on earth. I have no idea why we never bought any nuts. Maybe it was enough to just inhale without eating. The place went out of business years and years ago, of course. Nowadays I suppose they'd be too worried about someone with a nut allergy collapsing on the threshold and suing the pants off 'em.
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