no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

And now for something completely different...

because I am tired of pissing and moaning about other people's stupidity, other people's boring or annoying journal entries, my crappy past love affairs, my disdain and distrust for both marriage and the edjumacational system, et frickin' pete cetera,

HERE in no particular order is a list of all my Favorite Smells:

Wet grass, magnolias, roses, Cinnabon shops, refrigerant in the meat case, leaded gasoline, Avon Honeysuckle bath splash, Jovan Musk, this florally scent from Neiman's, Old Spice, donuts, Ivory soap on men, rabbit fur (as in, when it's attached to a live rabbit), rain, steaks in the broiler, carnivals with food stands wafting about, high quality leather jackets and coats, Marlboros being smoked by other people, punk bars, workingman's bars, coffee, coffee, more coffee, i'll think of some more in the morning i have to get to sleep
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