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There's a housing project I pass frequently, near the airport, on land that I guess no one else wanted to live on because of the jets flying over on their way to and from the runways 24/7. It looks kind of old and slightly decrepit and very no frills, just boxy barracks-like units without porches or balconies or anything. It does have a very big yard, with trees, that looks like it would be great for kids to play in, except that I almost never see kids out playing there - maybe it's not safe? But kids were out yesterday, because there was a super-size yellow and orange inflatable bouncy castle in the yard next to one of the units, and four or five kids were in it just bouncing to beat the band. The castle was so huge, its spires were literally higher than the roof of the unit it was tethered next to! Next to the castle, under a tree, was a table set with a colorful cloth and a bunch of place settings with paper hats and streamers. Some kid was obviously having themself a slam-bang-aroo of a birthday party, for which some adult had gone out and spent money on renting the castle and buying party stuffs. One part of me was thinking that that money could have been better spent someplace else, like put in the college fund, or to pay bills (people in subsidized housing surely have those), and the kids could have just had a cake after dinner or something, and certainly didn't need a Giant-Sized Bouncy Castle. But most of me was just so happy to see that castle rising higher than the roof and those kids having a great time inside it. I almost stopped and took a camera fone picture of the whole scene, but it seemed like that would be an invasion of privacy on their party, so I just filed it under memories. To remind myself that Sometimes, in life, not often, not all the time, but Sometimes, you DO get the Great Big Bouncy Castle of your dreams.
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