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Welcome! We are your constant and caring friend.

Disclaimer: Subject line was lifted straight off a Holiday Inn sign. So don't go thinkin' I'm gettin' all sappy on ya.

Today was pretty cool. Went to the Doughnut Pantry, which is the best place for doughnuts since its predecessor exploded into a heaping pile of rubble one evening. Hung out with mum and called waxpumpkin and tried to figure out at what point dudes stop hanging out at Phoenix Coffee and switch over to hanging at the Doughnut Pantry. Like, how do you know when you're old enuf that It's Time?

Later I drove out to Nik's where I finally met The Whang, who is kyoot, for a fodder figger. We chatted about some legal matters (baby) and he showed me his Abbey Road photograph hanging in the (w)rec(ord) (w)room. Bummer that he couldn't find the Ziggy Stardust location to photograph as well.

Then me and Niki went to longstemrant's show, which was pretty awesome. I think it's his best band lineup yet and I love all the new material esp the two songs d cowrote with poorsalparadise. Some perfectly strange dude came up to me after the set and asked if "that" (pointing at d) was a guy in a dress. I said he was a girl but he was also a guy in a dress, and further inquired, "Is this important to you for some reason? Cuz he's pretty sexy no matter what he is, yanno." The guy agreed, "Yeah, he's a sexy bitch all right." And walked away. I have no idea what that was all about, especially in the Era of Dan Savage, so I'm just making note of it here cuz it made an impression on my mind (like when you hit your mother in the head with a hammer).

I also found something nifty (but I refuse to call it a "nifty gifty", yucko bucko) for utopiavista at the arts fair going on outside the show, but zie will have to wait to get it till (a) zir birthday, (b) I visit Toledo or (c) I find the last thing I got 'em that I haven't sent yet cuz it's Somewhere in the Howse. Whichever comes first.

The Nikster was still kinda bummed about Ms. Taurus and $ and all,so I bought him a beer and then we went and stuffed ourselves with fried veggies, quesadillas, burgers and potato pancakes. I kind of wanted to hang out over coffee, but we were both so tired after driving, drinking and eating. The 'rental unit is out "celebrating" her "friend's" birthday so I think I'll go make like a Powernap Girl.

This post has been brought to you by the letters I and Wouldn't-Bother-To-Give-a-Sh*t-About-It-If-I-Were-U.
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