no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

Ho hum vee.

So, there seems to be a lot of flap over this Vox thang. I couldn't care less about posting YouTube videos directly on my blog. Geez. As someone else said, a link will work just fine.

*shrug* Hanging around this dump is like watching business school case studies in action. And at least some of the stupid people who work for LiveJournal are like the stupid people in my business school case studies that me and my friends used to have fun laughing at. Just more evidence as to why working for LJ is simply a major joke and a half. but, yanno, it makes $$ and $tuff

On a brighter note, I bet you thought I forgot all about the Cheese on Wheels. Well think again, suckaz, cuz I finally got all the components in the howse and I am just waiting for whatsisname to give me a few lessons on Futzing Around With the Power Drill to slap 'em together. Our drill is this huge monster straight out of the remake of Vertigo so I feel like I shouldn't go in its cage without a buddy.
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