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Society of Jesus (Jones).

i was just talking somewhere else about how when i was a young teener i wanted to be a priest. most likely a jesuit. i figured that would work the best because they were the most scholarly, and i was good at school. plus they were always doing something cool like starting revolutions, exorcising demons and serving in congress, unlike the rather pedestrian parish priests who did dumb stuff like developing drinking and mental problems and having relationships with church secretaries and local nuns. (sorry to paint a grim picture of the clergy, but that's what was going on in my parish in the 70's.)

me, i had little or no sex drive - still don't (just to clarify, everything works down there And Stuff, but 90% of the time i'd rather eat a good steak than boff) - so i figured that would keep me out of trouble. i'd deal with the obedience-to-authority trip later, although it didn't seem to me like st. francis or st. catherine spent much time worrying about that so why should I?

of course, it all came to naught because the Church has that dumb "no chix in the treehouse" rule. Their frickin' loss. I woulda rocked.

so i now find it tres amusing that is selling a line of jesuit dolls,
saint and bernard...(note you may have to use the expand/zoom control to see all of those pictures and read the text...don't worry, they're g-rated)

*wryly smiles and cocks an eyebrow*

somehow i don't think that was Quite what I had in mind...or was it
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