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Your Marketing Plan Sucks And Is Driving Me Crazy.

Hey, xterminal or anyone else who might know, how in heck do you get rid of that annoying "Plog" feature that Amazon has forced upon me? I thought I disabled it once, and I definitely blocked the most annoying compulsively-posting author, but this past week it all came back. I blocked said author again (who knows how long it will last this time) and tried to get rid of the thing but it would only let me "shrink" it, not dispose of it completely. This is so damn annoying - I get more than enough of reading blogs on EllJay, I go to Amazon to get AWAY from that sort of thing, not have more of it shoved upon me. Especially when said annoying author is the woman who wrote that book about losing 300 lbs. that I've posted on here about before (I'm not going to award her more undeserved publicity by mentioning her actual name again), who has some compulsive desire to eat that forces her to have to weigh and measure everything and diet really strictly for the rest of her life lest she "fall off the wagon" and whose entire blog is about how she managed to visit her parents and bust up with her best friend and have her book proposal rejected by 57 publishers and stub her toe without stuffing down an entire pie or whatever. I've forcefully kicked people off my LJ for being about 1/4 as dramatic as that, I sure don't need it stuck in my face when I go on Amazon to buy a nice restful book or two about Japanese history.
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