no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

Mystery to me.

Last night I was cleaning up part of the kitchen so I can move my approximately 100 pairs of shoes in there for the Great Shoe Inventory of 2006 (i'm feeling embarrassedly imelda about this, but i buy several pairs a year and have only got rid of maybe 5-7 pairs since 1985, and that's cuz they were literally falling to pieces... too bad i'm not andy warhol and could just have a basement room in my townhouse and chuck them the hell in there), when I found as part of my cleanup a bag from Home Depot. It contained 15 Alnico 12-lb. magnets. Which one of us bought 15 Alnico magnets, and why? There was some hardware (little washers) in the bag and I could see using one or two magnets to catch the stray washers, but 15? Were they on sale? Did I order them from American Science and Surplus and forget? Did I just think they were so cute I *had* to get 15? They're incredibly weak and will barely hold a coupon on the fridge, so I can't imagine why I would have plonked down money for them. Or did whatsisname get 'em? I can't imagine for what, unless he lost the studs in the wall, and even then, you don't need 15 magnets to find studs.

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