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Dreams that monkey can buy.

this is one of those wrong-side-of-the-bed mornings where I feel dumb for trying to realize dreams I had when I was 11.

like, cripes, wasn't I supposed to have gotten over that already?

fun fact: I would never use the word "dream" when I was a teenager because my mother made fun of a lot of the things I wanted to do and called them "dreams". even though she said it was good to have dreams, I got mad and stubborn because to me it sounded like she was saying I'd never accomplish anything, that all I was good for was to work some job for about ten years, fall in love with some guy, become a Wife and have babies.

my entire life I feel like people have tried to poke at me by insinuating I wouldn't be able to live on my own or get anything accomplished. i'm probably inordinately sensitive to that. this does not mean i forgive those who made the insinuations.

i think i'm gonna let the cat post for a while.
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