no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

The kountree of korn.

I found this on babytitmouse's yernal and thought it would be funny to repost because I was surprised at how many "yeses" I had.

1. Have you ever gone muddin'? I'm not quite sure whether this means driving in mud or sloshing around in it bodily. Have done the latter but not the former.

2. Have you ever lived on a dirt/gravel road? stayed there on vacations a lot

3. Ever been swimming in a lake or river? yes

4. Ever been to a bonfire party? yes

5. Have you ever driven a tractor? No

6. Have you ever been on a horse? Yes (caveat: only at the pony rides at the fair, the saddle slipped around too much for my liking)

7. Ford or Chevy? I'd probably pick a Chevy if I had to pick

8. Kissed someone in a pick up? Nah

9. Whats your favorite country song? Either that one about "You're Outta My Bones" or the original John Michael Montgomery version of "I Swear". I actually like a lot of country songs, I just don't talk about it...and I HATE Neko Case btw.

10. Ever done 90 miles per hour down a dirt road? No, I've never done 90 mph myself on anything.

11. Worked / Lived on a farm? Nope, I've visited and been next door to 'em but that doesn't count

12. Been to a rodeo? Yes, several

13. Do you own cowboy boots? Yes, actually

14. Do you have a cowboy hat? Yes, but it's from Australia

15. Have you ever said git r done? Yeah, we holler that around the house all the time

16. Country skyline or a city skyline? I like the city lights

17. Can you name a rodeo star? Video killed the rodeo star. Aside from Jake Gyllenhall, no.

18. Do you think tractors are sexy? not particularly

19. Ever rode a 4-wheeler? If you mean those dangerous ATV type things then nope.

20. Are you from the country? No. My dad probably was.

21. If so, are you proud of it? N/A

22. Gone hunting? good god NO. I just used to like buying the orange duds from Sears to wear out to rock shows.

23. Gone fishing? only in the big fake fishpools at the mall. I caught two fish which mom scaled and fried, and we ate them.

24. Is your heart in dixie? no, dixie scares the hell out of me, generally.

25. Been on a hay ride? yes

26. Have you ever line danced? yes but it was disco line dancing, way before the "Country Line Dancing" era

27. Camped under the stars? Yes, a few times

28. Have you ever been cow tippin? No.

29. Do you drive a pick up truck? No. Whatsisname almost bought one but decided to get something else instead.

30. Fell asleep in a hay stack? No.

31. Own a pair of overalls? yes.

32. Drank Moonshine? No.

33. Include the word "yonder" in your daily vocabulary? Not really, I do say "y'all" or "you-uns" at times.

34. Ever shoveled manure? does cat manure count? it really should esp when you have seven of them.

35. Milked a cow? No.

36. Plucked a chicken? No.

37. Is sweet tea your favorite drink? No, as one who was raised in the north, that stuff is the "wrong" way to drink tea.

38. Been to a race? horse race? yeah. NASCAR race? no.

39. Know all the words to at least one David Allen Coe song? probably but right now i'm not sure what songs he's known for.

40.Have you ever made out in a back of a pick-up? no

41.Eat buttermilk cornbread and greens with pepper sauce? no

42. Enjoy a well prepared fried gizzard? no, although my dad frequently referred to a certain party as "gizzard"

43. Like fried squirrel? That's not just a NO that's a HELL NO. I like my sqrls running around with their skins on.

43. Do you have 5 or more crazy relatives that live out in the sticks? Probably somewhere, far away, I do.

44. Ever launched fireworks from a moving vehicle? no

45. Did you hit the target? N/A

46. Krispy Kreme or Dunkin' Donuts? Dunkin' Donuts, does that make me citified?

47. Stuffing or cornbread dressing at Thanksgiving/Christmas? Both please.

48. BBQ on the 4th of July or hotdogs? Hotdogs!!

49. Any relatives that go by Junior, Bubba, or Bo? to the great chagrin of my in-laws, yes, my small nephew has been nicknamed "Bubba" by his 'rents.

50. Ever been to a fish fry? yes

Bonus: Ever had a fish fry on the riverbank? No, the fish fries I goto are in church basements.
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