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It figures that a skRatte and a Cheeze would comment on my Cheesy Pull Toy post. Today I was thinking about how I would actually make a Cheese on a Board with Wheels. The Board with Wheels part is easy, simply requiring a board, some casters, and a pully rope. For the Cheese part, I was first thinking to make it out of painted wood, but that turned me off cuz I don't like real hard cheese.

Then I remembered the phake phood that used to amuse me greatly. Back in my Dear Dead Depressed Days Beyond Recall, we used to walk through the Sears appliance department on every mall visit, not to buy appliances but so I could pull open all the fridge doors and find FAKE FOOD. I don't know what I find so uplifting about plastic lemons and hamburgers and the like, and whatsisname used to roll his eyes and make his "you're being ultra silly again" face, but Finding Fake Food always made me giggly and smiley for a few minutes. In those days I was limited to looking at Sears' not-for-sale phoney baloneys, because I wouldn't have had any idea where to buy such things on my own, but Thank Heaven for Little Internets, they grow up in the most delightful way, and I was simply enraptured to google upon this site:

Oooooo, this is worse than Doggie in the Window! I wish I could take them ALL home, but I don't have room. So, which one should I adopt?
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