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Positivity, my butt.

Memories grow more positive over time

The more I read this, the more I just go WTF?

How does ANYONE feel increased "happiness" or "pride" over a memory of sexual assault? Pride that you survived it, I guess.

Setting that aside, I guarantee you I remember every little bit of the negative emotions and the fear associated with breakups. If anything, I remember them more now, because at the time I numbed myself to cope. I suppose that makes me a candidate for the asylum then, but I don't believe in rewriting the past in some kind of positive light, or forgiving hideous exes, may they rot in the gutter.

I swear, I'm surprised this el fako society doesn't try to slap a happy face on Auschwitz.

* * *

Edited to add, OK, I guess I do have some "increased happiness" associated with breakups. I'm happy the bastards are gone before I wasted any more of my damn time on them!!!
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