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more annoyance with RichText...

now that we've figured out how to turn it off for regular entries, i hope they invent some way to turn it off for photo posting from galleries too. because it is a real PITA and the only way I could get it to completely go away was to cut and paste the entire scrapbook-generated text to a brand new update-journal entry. i tried doing the "view source" thing which was cool till i tried to actually enter new HTML on the screen. every time i hit the preview box it erased my added HTML. oh, except for once when it simply added a close-tag that i didn't want there.

scrapbook is already about the hardest photo host to navigate that i have ever used. like windows, the attempt to make the thing idiot-proof make it almost impossible for anyone to use who has a rudimentary idea of what they are doing. and now the richtext thing. argh. just argh. that is all.
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