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18 and Life to go.

WiveJwernal has been purty sloooow lately. It's like a lot of ppl just kinda went to sleep and quit posting or commenting. Expected, I guess. The weather's nice, the medium's old.

However, I am not going anywhere, comments or nay. I have many things to post about on here and get out of my system. Whether anyone reads OR NOT!

Been kicking the eBay decision around all week here and there. Came out about like I figured it would.

I feel reasonable today. The last time I can really recall feeling this way was up in the courthouse overlooking Fountain Square, with hot dogs and the Judge saying good-bye to that giant deer head and Shepard and a late snow coming down. I had the heater on and I was content. It's taken a little over a year to turn the worm and get that feeling back.
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