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Soundtrack (To My Life).

i have two million things to do and instead i am sitting here digging up the video for west end girls on the youtube. (go me.) i'm sure anybody who's ever hung around 80's nights, or is just old like me, remembers it. it was like my personal theme music from the first time i heard the song and simultaneously saw this video, on "night flight", back in 1985 or '86. after that i would sit up every week till whatever o'clock waiting for "night flight" to play it again.

all the footage of malls and airports and london was what life looked like to me then. aside from the obvious shots of big ben, the rest of the buildings could be washington, and the foggy bits could easily be cleveland as well. and that soft-focus panning is exactly what the world looked like to me then, as if seen through a veil of tears. it still looks that way when i don't eat for a couple of days. the singer, in his uncomfortable-looking business clothes that he's too young to be wearing, looking at all the people and wondering about them. just like me then. the fadeout of the video even shows the posters for "desperately seeking susan" which was one of my favorite movies at the time and one i desperately sought to emulate.

all the west end and east end stuff reminded me of cleveland with its big west side/ east side conflict going on all the time. i know in london it means something different probably, but i was always a west side girl. ergo, a west end girl. by the time the song got to the third verse i would always be choking back tears.

after all these years i still walk through cities and malls thinking, you got a heart a' glass or a heart a' stone? just you wait till i get you alone, got no future, got no past, here today, built to last...

it sounds silly but that's the way it is. i always did wonder about that second guy following the first guy though. i know he's The Other Band Member (like in Wham) but he looks so uncomfortable, it's like he's there for comic relief.
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