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When I was growing up, my mom knew this lady who lived a couple streets over and went to the same church and had kids in the Catholic school with me. Let's call her "Trudy." Trudy had two sons, one of whom was named "Jack" (pseudonym) and was about two years younger than me.

Trudy's entire conversation revolved mostly around Jack and his doings. She didn't have much to say about her husband or her other kid, who we always felt kind of sorry for. It was all Jack, Jack, Jack. Jack was studying rocket science. Jack was going to camp. Jack won an award. Also, if my mom happened to mention something I was doing or some good grade I got or some award I won, which she did in her prideful motherly way from time to time although I absolutely HATED her discussing me with anybody other than Dad, Trudy immediately would chime in with "Oh, Jack got an A too!" or "Jack absolutely loves that subject as well!" or something else designed to get Jack in on the glory. My mom used to sarcastically joke that she wished I'd get pregnant so she could tell Trudy and see if she'd reply, "Oh, so is Jack!"

I'm not sure what Trudy did with herself, besides working at the church and bragging on Jack (who, predictably, joined the military and split the hometown scene as fast as he possibly could as soon as he turned 18). I don't think she did anything much to be honest. Sadly, as a grownup I have found that there are a lot of Trudys in this world. Not only going on about and seeming living their whole lives vicariously through their kids, but also endlessly talking about the projects and successes of their partners or spouses. People really need to ask themselves if they can sit down and carry on a conversation just about what They, Their Own Selves, are doing with Their Own Lives, without mentioning anyone else in their family, for about a half hour. If what you constantly contribute relates to mentioning, or worse yet constantly bragging on/promoting somebody else you're close to, with very little of your ownself or own activities interjected, then you really need to take a look at yourself. Because you seem, to me, every bit as pathetic as Trudy.
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