no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

Trekkie Deck.

The other night I had dinner with somebody who had just been on a flight back to Cali with William Shatner. Apparently everyone was sitting around the airpt waiting for their flight when William Shatner appeared and told the counter person he had a ticket on another flight but could he get on this flight instead. Everyone was sort of furtively watching cuz it was, well, William Shatner. The counter person said yes, they could fit him on, and gave him a new ticket. When First Class boarding was called, Will bounced right up there, only to be told that he was in coach. He said, "But I had a first class ticket!" They said, "You had a first-class ticket on the OTHER flight. When you traded it in for this flight, we gave you a coach seat." After some arguing and do-you-know-who-I-am type stuff, Cap'n Kirk ended up in his assigned coach seat which was in the back row next to the restrooms and in the middle of a high school tour group, who were all cutting up and pointing and doing imitations and taking pictures and calling on their cellfones to say "You'll never guess who just sat down in my row" blahblah. The captain was reportedly unnerved by this and spent most of the flight hiding behind a copy of Variety which he rattled from time to time. He probably wished Scotty would just beam him the freak up. When the plane finally landed, he literally BOLTED out of the passenger area.
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