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no billee, no drinkee

today i did not drink. i did not go to church, nor to a parade.
i worked because i had to.
i did remember to wear green, which is a big plus because some years i've totally forgotten even that.
actually for me st. paddy's was kinda last week when i saw the pogueses 2x
but as i did not drink at those shows either for various reasons (the main ones being i was on antibiotics and it was way too frickin' crowded)
my celebratin' o' blessed st. paddy's day has been postponed
until i have the time to do it up right
if i were back in cle i would no doubt be going to mass, drinking beer, eating authentic soda bread and prolly talking to little ol' ladies with an accent (theirs authentic and mine acquired via drinking)
(and i still hate columbia for having the most miserable st. paddy's days in the entire u s of a...the church, oh excuse me, the INTERFAITH CENTER wasn't even unlocked)
oh well i'm sure i'm not the first irish lawyer to work through this day instead of drinking beer
st. patrick would understand
anyway, as i was just saying,
he was actually french
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