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A few months ago, I read a comment or proverb that went something like this:

The only people who hate you are the ones who secretly want to be you.

That statement intrigued me. After giving it a great deal of thought, I decided that I don't think it's entirely true. I don't really want to be the people I hate; half the time I hate them precisely because I think their life choices, lifestyle, and value systems are real effed up. And I seriously doubt that the people who hate me want to be me, for much the same reasons. I think they are very happy being their very own little hate-filled selves just like I am happy being me and we can all join hands and play ring around the mulberry bush shouting cusswords at each other. Yay.

But I do think there's a grain of truth to the proverb, in that most if not all of the people I hate have a couple advantages or admirable qualities apiece. They may be good-looking, or funny, or talented at some art form, or live in a desirable area, or curry a ton of sympathy for their sorry plights, or somehow manage to get away with working less hard than I feel like I have to. I find myself fuming, "So-and-so has all this good stuff going. They have this and that and the other thing. So WHY OH WHY do they have to be such a complete dickwad/ failure/ pain in the butt in all these OTHER ways? I'd love to have the one or two cool things that they have, and instead it's totally wasted on their trash!" In that sense, I do sort of want to "be" them. Just not the Whole them.
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