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Hello Dear
No I din't forget what time it was last week. I was sick and working and I guess I am trying to focus on the good memories now. I can't forget any more than I can forget it was also Koz's bday which I would dearly LIKE to forget about at this stage of my life. I know, I KNOW, so just file it under Younggirl Growth 'Speriences and nod yer head like Run DMC and understand that I'm paying the price now when I have to watch my close friends chase around with people that aren't so hot. Besides I'd do it all again (and so would they).

See wot I mean abt good memories?

Anyway - Spent most of Sun. sleeping and reading "The Book of JIM", which I bought for the cover basically. Did you ever read that? I'm pretty sure you'd like it a lot. Me, I like it mes-a-mes, cuz a lot of that stuff that's s'posed to be weird-to-horrifying just strikes me as normal-to-druggie, but I like it more thinking about how You'd like it.

It'll be Easter soon. Do you ever see Amanda and C-berry? Pet them for me.

I'm so tired. It'll be a lot of things soon, too soon I reckon. Or maybe right on time.

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