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I am so not interested in the kind of "friendship" where you meet up with some couple for dinner every six months and spend the entire evening making small talk in between telling them how great they are and catering to their whims to make sure they don't get put out at something you say every two minutes because they're insecure as all hell.

Eggshell-skull appetizers aren't very good.

I like people I can AIM or call or even e-mail while I am working and don't have time to go to dinner, which is 99% of the time, and we mak dum jok and talk about how I am feeling and maybe they talk about how they are feeling and we tell each other Things, interesting things, and no one acts like the victim because neither one of us are.

I have enough dinner companions already.

Oh and I just picked up a copy of "Eagleution" with Breaker on it for three bucks. GO ME!
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