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Scat Records.

me and __satori down by the schoolyard, text msgng on our fones this am. I was sitting by the train station lavatory listening to water flush and run and thinking about Bob Pollard writing his songs on the can...

me: Wouldnt it be funny if ppl pooped out music in the public restroom and you could hear it going by?

me: Kids would rise from tha ghetto on the strength of their mad pooping skillz

me: They'd carry laxatives everywhere. constipation would be death to their career

ben: I know I would poop more often then

me: POOP STAR! :-)

ben: My poo would probably be out of tune or sound like ska knowing my luck

(edited to add, i actually had to add the words "poop" and "constipation" to my cell fone's automatic fill-in-the-text-words dictionary. i guess people who talk about bowels and feces must be generally too old to have a cell fone, or something.)
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