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Interluudes. (i wanna reach for you)

Finally finished the book on the Mitfords, now I'm back to reading about Frank O'Hara in the book I bought at rafeeq's. It acquired an extra dogear or two from falling downstairs in the meantime, and a bit of cat poo stuck to Frank's cover-boy face, but it spit-shined up nicely. So far I have ascertained from reading that Frank had lots of lovers and was terribly interesting like someone I'd like to Get to Know, but not sure if they'd be too friendly back. On Good and wReckless days I cruise right up to such people and start bright conversations. On Cautious days I confine myself to peering at them furtively across the room, silently wishing that they'd come over and start a bright conversation with me. Sometimes they do and sometimes they don't.

I have always rather liked Poe Tree, but when I tried to read a lot of it, it seemed like many poets I chose had been through Harvard and a nervous breakdown. I probably would have enjoyed Harvard, and maybe even a good nervous breakdown or two, but we couldn't afford either one.

~~now contemplating spending abt a year listening to nothing but old durutti column and crispy ambulance releases~~
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