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Bareback Mountain.

I'm probably going to end up seeing this because it's the first Movie Everyone's Talking About in a long time that contains no Elves and no Superheroes. I have nothing against elves or superheroes, it's just that Elves belong in illustrated storybooks, and Superheroes belong in comics and TV cartoons, and seeing either one on the big screen makes me feel all you-got-your-chocolate-in-my-peanut-butter icky. I can't see it being all that different from the approximately four million Dudes-in-Love war movies and sports movies and "buddy" pictures that Hollywood has already been cranking out for decades. Yeah, I know in this one the dudes actually HAVE SEX WITH EACH OTHER, but to me that is such a footnote. I mean, which is the more useful expression of Love: (a) Sex or (b) Shooting the enemy Hun before he shoots your luv buddy?
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