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The Mystery of Jason.

Went on Fiendster today looking to see if someone I used to know and still have on my fiendsliszt there had been on or about. I've been on Fiendster something like twice in the entire past year, the reason being that (a) MySpazz has bands and MP3s and is therefore about a bazillion times more phun, (b) everybody I know these days uses MySpazz way more than Fiendster and (c) there are people left on my Fiendster liszt who I suppose I should clean off because we haven't talked in forever or in at least one case make a point of ignoring each other, but I don't feel like bothering with all that so it's easier to just not go on there and not look at it.

Anyway after I determined that the party I was seeking hadn't been on and didn't have any new info up, I did a couple other things and got asked if I wanted to bookmark somebody. So I bookmarked them, that was fine. Except that when I bookmarked them, I noticed that I already had a bookmark on somebody else, said somebody being a bass player named "Jason" from somewhere in Kansas. This would be fine if (a) I actually KNEW a bass player named Jason, or any bass players at all in Kansas, and (b) if I actually remembered ever looking at "Jason's" profile and thinking, "Oh wow, this Jason dude looks cool, I think I'll bookmark him." He does look cool and everything but I have nary a clue who he is or how he ended up bookmarked on my Fiendster. Also, believe it or don't, but I'm not the type who runs around on Fiendster, or MySpazz for that matter, searching out cool-looking players of stringed instruments to goggle at. The only way I would trip over someone like this is if I knew him from somewhere like LJ or a mailing list or a friend of a friend, or had been to see his band, or something, and I don't remember anything like that occurring. Nor is Kansas anyplace that I normally visit or go scouting for bands. If he was from one of my regular haunts I'd think I had just met him or heard about him someplace and looked him up and then forgot about it.

Plus the fact that I have only like I said been on there twice to my knowledge in the past year and don't recollect viewing any "Jasons" the previous time I was on...I can't figure out where this dude came from. Maybe I got drunk once or sleepwalked and somehow logged myself on and went looking for bass-playing Jasons? Shudder. I think I'll stay off there for another six months now.
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