no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

Toying with thoughts of a cheesesteak.

So I went ahead and bought one and thus reminded myself of the reason I do not buy them regularly, which is that in this part of the country they are made incorrectly with Provolone. I have nothing against Provolone, but the PROPER cheeze for a cheezesteak is Whiz and Only Whiz. So barring a trip to Phila, that will be the last one I buy for a while, which is probably good because if mileshedgehog still wants me in her wedding I should ditch a few more pounds.

Hmmmmm weddddinggggs. Now I have this insane urge to go to Fells Point and browse thrift store formals that I have no place to wear. I wish I had the guts to just go ahead and give you-know-who my mouse-eaten gold lame (the raggedy mouseholes make it look glam trashy) because they've got the tall skinny body for it and on me it looks more like Angie Bowie inspired by Moffa Stewart slipcovered a couch. I would adore to turn up at Hedgie's wedding in the neon green stretch cocktail dress with a wire-flounced skirt, but even if she felt like looking at pics of that for 50 years, i know her in-laws-to-be don't.

if someone had told me ten years ago i'd be working at this gorgeous location I prolly would have cheered, waved pompoms and whistled Dixie out my ears. it is very nice, with views galore, accessible sushi/chinese, and FREE keurig coffee to boot, but i'd enjoy it so much more if i was actually awake when i got to the office. we're workin' on it.

this pic makes me chuckle aloud (in a nice way):

that is all
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