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Minnie Pearl Jam.

That's what Ted called Roxanne when I told him about her wearing those shoes borrowed from the resale shop downstairs, that had a giant price tag dangling off of them. Heh. Good handle, I should steal it.

This is the 20th anniversary of the first New Year's Eve I spent with Ted. Of course we weren't hitched then or anything even close to that, we were Just Real Close Friends. Actually we still are---nothing much has changed on that front in 20 years, go figure. And the name of the place is I Like It Like That. Tonight I thought it would be fun for us to do the same thing we did that night. Which is fall asleep early in front of the TV! Which wasn't exactly what I had planned on doing 20 years ago for my First New Year's Eve Away From Cle-town, but every holiday that year had been screwed up and I had had an utterly exhausting Xmas week---'rents carping, dudes fussing, general post-teen angst----capped off by catching a virus from some cretin (not Ted). I remember it so well because I wrote a long, funny (to me) story about the events of that entire week to mail to my then-friend Jeff who I'd missed seeing in person. Don't think Jeff thought it was so funny though, prolly cuz he wasn't in the story and about six other guys were, if you catch my drift. Eff you Jeff. Anyway I'm glad now that I wrote all that down then, as it properly documents how nutty my life was at that time. I was cracking up in the car thinking of Dead Guy announcing to the door dude at the Olde Brook, who was checking ID's, "I'm old. And this is my old lady and she's old too." He was 24 and I was 22, but I was so much older then. I'm younger than that now.

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