no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

Wasted Days and Wasted Nights.

Dear All,
I wish I could say that the reason I am not posting on HellJae is that I am busy as a little red and green bee decking the halls, but what I have actually been doing (besides a little celebratin') has been helping fill out the 270 Band Quiz. If you don't know what this is, just google on it and you'll find it someplace---it's been going around the web all year apparently. You look at 270 pictures of bands and guess who they are from the picture. The bands span all decades from the 50s up till now and include a whopping dose of extremely obscure British acts, since this torture emanated from the UK (how'd I guess?). Fortunately I am doing this with a group including a rabid British music geek who knows the novelty acts better than the heavy hitters. Unfortunately, by the time the group got hold of the quiz, it had been mostly filled in by the guy who was originally taking it and asked for help when he and his buddies ran out of steam. The result being that all the easiest bands were already filled in and we are rassling with the orful ones. Need I mention how addictive this is? You sit at the PC going "just one more, I'll quit after I guess just one more" and Googling like an eejit and before you know it 2 more hours have passed. Argh. This is why I did not go into computer programming for a living. I was the exact same way with bug fixes.


P.S. Hey, wasting time on music trivia beats wasting time on a whole bunch of other bullshit, in my book anyway.

P.P.S. If there is anyone out there who hasn't yet seen Bad Religion's Greg Graffin jacking off on a webcam, you can go here. I especially love the comments posted since yesterday. Apparently if Your Musical Hero deigns to beat off to you on a webcam, you owe it to him to keep it on the downlow out of "fan loyalty" and respect for his family.


Tell you what, substitute some hated political personage, such as Dubya, for Mister Graffin and watch these same people who are talking about loyalty split their sides laughing as they cross-post it 1,562 times. Never mind that it's the same exact act in both cases. And since when is jerking off on a webcam to a total stranger exposing a "vulnerable" side of yourself?
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