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I've got mail!

Today I went through all the mail---mostly it's junk and bills---looking for some documents I need for work, and, nice surprise, I found all the Christmas cards. There was one from Ted's old boss, now retired, who he had just run into at lunchtime picking up Chinese food. Old Boss was eating lunch with some other retirees and was happy to see Ted. I always chuckle about how well those two got along because I interviewed for the job with Old Boss before Ted did, and I took a job in another department partly because I liked the work better and partly because I could tell Old Boss wasn't super-comfortable with hiring a woman engg (interestingly, this was not true for all the older bosses, only certain ones) but I browbeat Ted into interviewing and it worked out rather splendidly.

There were cards from my oldest friend C., and my college friend D. and his wife. I can't believe C. and I have been corresponding for almost 30 years. (!) Her mom (who's been dead for some years) was friends with my mom when they were bored twentysomethings around Buffalo. C. and I grew up to lead very different lives, but that makes for a more interesting correspondence at times. As for D. and his missus, I was just thinking of them while moving a couple of little china bells that Ted and I got as favors at their wedding a couple of years ago. I was also thinking of D. because I saw a sweater at my mom's house that he'd given me for Xmas 20 years ago. It wasn't really my style, so rather than hurt his feelings, I passed it on to my mom, who wore it for a few years, but she's not really into pullover sweaters anymore. I was thinking maybe I'd take it back and wear it around the house, just for old times' sake.

Aaaand I just had to go back and edit this post because I realized we got a card from "Chicken" who was at Oxford with me. (She's also the banker who we had no news of for a day following 9/11, so I didn't know if she'd bought it or not. As it turned out, she was fine, it was Dan who drew the short straw.) I didn't realize that card was from her because it was signed "The B____'s" which is her married name. I thought it was from one of Ted's workmates who has a similar name. I'm gonna look at that card again more closely tomorrow to see if she ever got the wedding congrats card I mailed her a year late because they moved and I lost her new snail address. I'm glad they didn't bust up or anything before I even sent the card :P

Best of all, I got a letter from an I-net and slightly RL friend I've been writing to in rehab. I will be honest, addiction scares me. I've already had one close friend die, and some others have had bad experiences, either with the substances themselves or with addicted people who were supposedly "recovering" but still took bad advantage of them in some way. So on the one hand, I'm really glad when people are trying to get themselves together; on the other hand I am very wary and not at all the "helping" type who wants to run and save the wounded birds. But given the circumstances of this particular case, I felt like I could relate and also that it wouldn't be harmful to write. I wasn't expecting to get anything back but I got a very nice letter in return :-) Among other things, the writer said that although he doesn't have a spouse or other family waiting for him to get out, the letters from me and other people have made him realize that he does have a family. I could very much relate to that sentiment, and it was good to read today when a lot of people seem to be suddenly acting flaky. It made me feel good, not in the "oh what a great thing I'm doing for this person" sort of way, but in a connected sort of way. I and a lot of people are definitely pulling for him to get better, and I sincerely hope he works it all out.

I hope I have time to send some cards back to all these people tomorrow.
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