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i was going to post this yestiddy but shmivejournal was forcing himself to reply to everything his 570+ fiends posted that day so i didn't want to overwork him. plus i was tired. so instead i ended up doing real constructive things like sitting around for three hours with no pants on listening to the long version of "Baby Let's Swing."

wednesday i had both my final crits which, let's face it, are kind of a joke esp for CE students since most of them are non-credit. the crits were decent but they left me feeling like i don't belong in the jewelry program. because my classmates made all sorts of nice necklaces and rings that looked like they could have come off a nordstrom's counter (nordstrom's being pretty progressive with its jewelry selection) or out of the sundance catalog. and here is what i made:

(note: this piece is approximately 2 inches high in real life)

a tabletop sculpture for a dollhouse with a tree and a black onyx rock and mountains and a nickel silver river. it has a hole drilled in the back if you really wanted to wear it as a necklace, but why bother when it looks fine just sitting there. the rest of my stuff looked like it could have been sold at ozzfest, which i guess is not a surprise considering that everything i've been buying for at least the last two years looks like that.

i got a couple of ideas from other people's pieces about simple stuff i'd like to make for myself, but obviously building off someone else's idea is not the same as having it pop into your own head in the first place, and to be honest, most of the other pieces weren't anything i would ever want to buy or wear for myself much less make. don't get me wrong they were lovely works for the most part and other people would definitely want them. just not me.

so yeah, i'm weird and i belong in the small sculpture class. induetime. now to find some pants.
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