no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

Ruh-roh, rahrt rahnt!

the other day i was reading some magazine advertised as Your Guide to Holiday Art Shopping, just to see what was in there. Not much of anything interesting as it turned out, and on top of that I got pissed at the editorial, which was written by some art guy and consisted about 50% of a complaint against "Poddies", said artEEst's term for People who Live in Big Fancy Boxy Houses, Own Two SUVs, and Keep Up With the Joneses All The Time. The premise seemed to be that such people don't have an original bone in their body and don't appreciate Art and if you do then you're a wonderful creeAYtive appreciative soul who is so much cooler than all those disgusting "Poddies" that are currently taking over the universe and turning it into one giant Wal-Mart.

Although this is about as relevant to our lifestyle as a Harry Potter fantasy (I'll venture to say that half of the artists in the magazine probably grew up in a much, MUCH Poddier environment than anyone in my family), I thought it was just farging stupid as a concept. Granted it was a blatant piece of feel-good marketing. Buy art and you won't be constrained by some lifestyle that kultoor sez you're supposed to hate, even though you might not hate it and maybe you don't pay much attention to it at all. But I thought the guy could have just been honest about it and written an editorial that said "Hey You Dumb Generic Rich People, if you come down and blow your spare grand at my art booth so I can pay rent for another month, that's gonna make you SO much cooler than all your generic Poddie neighbors who blew it at Wal-Mart or Saks!" And tell me please, what exactly is the difference between "Poddies" and all the art-buying weenies I see at "art fairs" (don't call it a "craft fair", someone will get insulted) dressed up in their purchases from this and that museum store carping about how so-and-so's work is BEEEYOOTIFUL but so EGGXPENSIVE. They're just Poddies in more colorful scarves.

I'm getting tired of people insisting on seeing the world as some sort of Derf "The City" comic strip where everybody who lives in suburbia is a soulless mindless asshole and Everybody who lives in some crap neighborhood trying (supPOSEDly) to do creative things on no money is an angel. There are angels AND assholes everywhere you look.
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