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In which Ti-i-i-ime is on My side, Yes it is (radio edit)

this evening i:
- actually found a free parking space near the grog shop for the first time in history (after deciding to leave the pay lot due to some strange guy making me nervous)
- reminisced with straze on past beachland clepunk spectaculars (specifically the one where some poor man expired, right in front of us both as it turned out)
- got waved at by TT
- said a quick hello to his friend S.
- saw Tinko play four (4) songs
- actually found a parking space directly in front of the beachland for the first time in history
- got waved into the show there for free by the rent-a-cop exactly ten seconds before the Offbeats were announced
- enthusiastically witnessed a great performance by said Offbeats
- greeted john p, cheese and straw, in that order
- bought the T-shirt
- obtained a Great Lakes Christmas Ale gratis
- met gothikfaerie
- got drunk-hugged by a Downtown Dagger
- dug the "new" guns while waiting for aforementioned ale to wear off enough to drive home in the newly falling snow

all in all, i'd say that was a howling success
more details to be posted later in the "members only" section (hah)

and when it comes to Keeping the faith, i guess putting one's faith in one or two Wrong people is the price you pay for loving anything at all...
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