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An unashamed rah-rah post for myself.

I have a galloping cold, meaning that it is trying to go through my system in five days rather than two weeks, and has actually been fairly mild up till today when my body decided to try coughing up a lung or three.
I got 4.5 hours of sleep because I had to wake up to cough.
I am at the lab anyway (although I will probably skip the evening class as I haven't missed any of that one yet).

just trying to pep myself up as I feel a bit woozy from six-months-expired Comtrex. yeah I know you're supposed to throw it out, but I only had three doses left, which is all I will need, and I wanted to use it up and was a half hour late this morning and didn't want to stop and buy more.

(hmmm better not use the House of Death icon. Use kitten icon. Kitten good. Death bad. Cough, cough :)
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