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Studies Confirm New Orleans Levees' Flaws

Engineering studies prior to construction of the flood wall were performed by Eustis Engineering, Modjeski and Masters Inc. and the Corps. Members of the LSU team have expressed shock that all three could have missed what they characterized as fundamental flaws.

This has got to be the most visible engg blunder since Galloping Gertie. As a former engineer with 2 degrees and 12 years of work experience, what pisses me off the most is that the people who worked on those levees probably were civil enggs and had to pass the Professional Engg exam and get a license. (Engg licenses are generally only required if you work for the state or testify in court, the result being that the tests are biased toward civ and mech e most enggs in private industry, at least in certain fields like EE and Comp E, don't bother to get the license.) The point of the license, supposedly, is to supposedly set some minimum competency standard like the bar exam does for lawyers. And obviously it works about as well for enggs as the bar does for lawyers. Oh wait, they both generate fees for the state VERY well *slaps head with hand* excuse me, I just wasn't thinking straight.

So how could a bunch of licensed engineers screw up this bad? Oh wait, Cost! *Slaps head with hand again* Man I am just being a stupid idiot today! Well, rather than get all wound up, let's just all go read about Emily the Stowaway Cat, shall we?
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