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In which there Is such a thing as a Big Mac Attack.

Up till yesterday I had not had fast food in something like 3 weeks, except for a couple of bites of someone else's burrito and two chicken strips. I had not had any Mickey D's fast food in longer than that because my loyalties have tended to shift towards Wendy's and KFC, both of which have better food (especially Wendy's) and are open very late. Also, Burger King has got that Hershey's Sundae Pie thang going on so I've been dropping by there just for the pies. I used to like their sandwiches too, but the BK by my house burns the burgers every time so I said to hell with it.

Last night, staggering through the train station having eaten only two french pastries, one coffee and a small bag of Cheetos the entire day (I didn't have time to walk to the Murder Starbucks), I bought a Big Mac because the only two places open at 10 pm in the train station are Mickey D's and Star*ucks. I can never figure out why there aren't more open because the station is hardly empty at 10 pm, but for some reason the other three dozen food places all shut down at 7:30. I was going to get my usual small hamburger but on the spur of the moment ordered a Big Mac instead, which I can't remember ordering during the entire past year. Today, I am jonesing for another Big Mac, maybe two Big Macs, and I wish the breakfast-only hour would hurry up and pass. I think there is some addictive additive in the Special Sauce. OK, so we all know now it is Thousand Island dressing, but it's more fun to keep thinking it is Special. :)
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